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Process and Introduction

How it Work !

More than 3,500 recruiters, head hunters and world famous companies are using our database. Simply upload your CV and register in our system and you can receive job offers at anytime.

Get paid for each message you receive.

If someone is offering you a job, each offer you receive, you will automatically get 10 Points (=HKD1) per message, No matter if you accept the offer or not.

Where does my information go?

Your information is safe and secure. Your name, personal info, contact details will only be shown after you accept and agree to the company who offered you a job. Job Drink is run by Find Asia Limited. Our headquarter is located at: 9F Tesbury Centre, 28 Queen's Road East Hong Kong. Phone number: +852 2152 1160. Tokyo Office: Find Asia K.K. Palace Side Building 1F, 1-1-1 Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan. If you have any inquiry please feel free to email, call or visit us!


1.  Be Honest
2.  Prepare your CV in PDF
3.  Respond to the company
4.  Update your info frequently

A little about us
Welcome to Job Drink, one of the best career websites that you will ever come across. Not only do we have a simple, easy and user friendly website, but we also have hundreds of positions available for individuals seeking employment. We make your employment needs our priority, striving and doing our utmost to find employment that suits you and the skills which you are equipped with. We take pride of our excellent level of service, dedication and loyalty that we show each and every one of our clients individually.

We are proud to say that we have over 3500 recruiters and companies on our database, waiting to have you part of their successful team. By registering, you can browse through our user friendly website by searching and applying for jobs that suit your qualifications. We also send out alerts that are individually tailored to your skillset and interests.

Receive 10 Points (=HKD1) for every job offer
Load your CV onto our website, or apply for the positions that you wish to. If one of our recruiters are impressed with your CV and offer you a job, you will receive 10 Points (=HKD1). Whether you accept the job or not, you still get 10 Points (=HKD1).

Our request to you
We request that you be completely honest in your application while preparing your CV and should a company contact you in regards to an opening that they have, that you respond, even if you decline their offer or have already found alternative employment, simply inform the company of this and update your details accordingly.

At Job Drink, we take the utmost pride in keeping all your personal details and information private and confidential and would never give out any of your details without your consent.

Who do the recruiters look for?
Our recruiters look for all kinds of people, from all walks of life, including students, managers in various fields of trade and industry, officer and clerical workers, administration workers, male or female, both young and old. We can assure you that we will find you the perfect job in record time with excellent remuneration.

Scout Mail
If a client is interested in your resume or would like to offer you an opening within their company, you will receive a short email from the company; this email is called Scout Mail. The company offering the position will give details about what the position is, what the candidates expected skills and qualifications should be as well as what the offering salary is for the position. We will then credit your account with 10 Points (=HKD1) just for the mere fact that you have received a Scout Mail.

From the Job Drink team:
Upload your CV onto our website today and see the results. One of our many recruiters is just waiting to see your resume and have you start a long term career with them. Join us today. What do you have to lose? We look forward to being of assistance to you.